Clean Slate Solutions are committed to supporting people with past convictions via local prison release or those already in the community into meaningful, mentored and sustainable employment across the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire Regions. We have a growing network of social valued employers ready to provide that opportunity once our candidates are job ready. This all contributes towards reducing re-offending rate and improving reintegration into our great regions.




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Introducing our Patron

Clean Slate Solutions Patron

David A Kerfoot Esq MBE DL
High Sheriff for North Yorkshire, 2020 2021

“Having been an Independent Monitoring Board member for many years within the Prison Service, I realise the importance of ex-offenders being given the chance to be employed, as on many occasions they are stigmatised because of what has happened in the past.

The chance to be able to work is on many occasions life changing, and Clean Slate Solutions provide that key support to make sure any candidate is in the right position to make the most out of any opportunity offered. The rehabilitation of offenders is so important to our society, particularly from a re-offending viewpoint, and that is why I am delighted to be a patron of such a key organisation that is really making a difference where it matters”

Great comebacks are prepared in the shadows

Change for good


Clean Slate Solutions’ mentoring programme is designed to keep new employees on track through assisting with any help outside of work should it be needed.

This also helps to give the employer peace of mind. Whether it be debt advice, housing issues, any ongoing recovery groups, setting in place a personal fitness programme, or supporting with family issues, our experienced employment and support mentors are here to assist.

We have established relationships with various agencies assisting in areas of resettlement, addiction support, housing etc, with reducing re-offending through employment as our collaborative aim.

A fulfilled life

Social Impact

The impact of past offenders finding meaningful and sustainable employment to the community can only be positive – everybody really does benefit. Finding employment is a key component to keeping on the straight path; a factor confirmed by both our own stats and Government statistics.

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