We are super excited to be sharing with you over the next few weeks some case studies of some of the great people we have worked with over the past year. It truly is a proud moment for us when we get to hear how our work has benefited the lives of others, and we are starting our case studies with John, who has kindly answered us some questions below.

“Clean Slate Solutions give you the tools to start your journey, not just workwise, but also in life.”

John, could you describe the difference employment has made/is making?

The big difference that getting employment has made in my life is unbelievable.  As I was unemployed and didn’t know where my life was going I suffered with bad depression and anxiety, I had no meaning to get up on a morning.  But with working with CSS my confidence has gone up dramatically and my self-worth too.  I have a meaning to get up on a morning and face the challenges on a daily basis.  With this, I’m being a productive member of the community and it makes me feel awesome.

How have you found the experience of being engaged with CSS, for example the difference from other agencies (if used previously)?

I had worked with agencies in the past.  CSS is different- they go that extra mile to help you.  They would ring on a regular basis asking how my well-being was along with texts and emails.  With jobs their approach was amazing, they were very friendly and said call anytime if I had any concerns.  I was treated like I was part of the family and they made me feel very welcome from the very beginning.

For me personally with having a criminal record, I was made to feel like I was still worthwhile.  With some agencies, as soon as I said I had a criminal record their attitude changed towards me, making me feel very small.  With CSS they were very open and honest, and explained that some of the staff and volunteers had criminal records too, which made me feel at ease and that I could really open up to them.

Would you recommend Clean Slate Solutions to others in a similar situation to yourself?

I would highly recommend them.  They go the extra mile; they make you feel like you deserve the best and give you loads of confidence in yourself.  They give you the tools to start your journey, not just workwise but also in life.  They are a truly humbling place to be a part of.


We are so happy that we have been able to support John in getting his life back on track and installing purpose and routine to his everyday activities. Thank you for answering our questions openly and honestly John, and we wish you all the luck in the future!