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About Us

Clean Slate Solutions is a recruitment agency specifically working with people who have past convictions to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

Currently we cover the Tees Valley, and the Hambleton and Richmondshire regions of North Yorkshire.  

We oversee everything from sourcing staff, the initial screening process, and then providing any training and education that may help to gain the ideal job, followed by a 6-month mentoring programme. 

Very often people with past convictions are stigmatised and easily overlooked. This is particularly true in the job market.

It is well acknowledged that employment is the most effective way to reduce any potential reoffending.  Therefore the knock on effect to our region is extremely positive.  

Our selection process has a strict criteria. (See our FAQ section). Once we feel our candidate is ready we then advocate to our employers.  

Many of our candidates may never have even been to prison but have convictions that led to fines and/or community orders.

We work closely with referral partners, these include the Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies, and some of the regions’ prisons along with all local Job Centres and local branches of the Changing Lives charity. 

Once referred and our criteria is met we then go through an initial assessment to make sure any potential barriers to employment are well removed. 

Clean Slate Solutions works closely with our employers. Many employees with past convictions turn out to be the most grateful, loyal, and hardworking of staff. 

As a social enterprise based within established not for profit Tees Valley Community Projects, we work alongside our training provider Academy 3-13 whose focus is education and training.  Academy 3-13 have worked with over 650 people since 2016, moving over 50% into further education or employment, many of whom had past convictions.

As we are a funded project, this currently enables us to offer a free service which is another positive reason to consider our talent pool. 

Partnering with us and using our service can also help your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy allowing you to tap into new labour markets and reduce the impact of issues such as brexit if required. 

This is an innovative way to attract new talent. We aim to give ex-offenders a clear pathway to breaking cycles and leaving the past behind. 


We will ideally spend some time understanding your business and needs before carefully selecting the right candidate for you, and through the interview stage if required.

Employing people with past convictions is a relatively new concept for most employers. Through significant coverage in the media and a realisation from government that employment is a key area to reducing the re-offending rates that last year cost the UK over £15 billion.

We are now starting to see significant examples of just what an untapped talent pool there is, that, with the right help, support and assistance can make a success of themselves. Without employment opportunities for people with past convictions, it naturally creates a real problem for society as a whole.

All candidates are assessed and must show that they are ready for employment, want to change and engage fully with our programme  We can look to bridge the skills gaps that you may be struggling to fill and aim to become a reliable source of talent for your business needs.

Whether it’s to help you reduce the impact of issues such as Brexit, explore an alternative way of recruiting staff, or contribute towards your Corporate Social Responsibility we are here to add value to your HR options.

The selection process is key to everything; matching the right candidate, at the right time, with the right employer. Our experienced staff are available to help with this.

We manage the process closely. With each candidate being mentored and their background fully understood, we then introduce them to you, attending the initial interview if necessary.

We place the same employment mentor with the candidate and employer to enable them to deal with any questions or advice efficiently and effectively.


Finding employment with a past conviction can be pretty tough. However, don’t worry, as you really aren’t alone!

1 in 5 of working age has had a conviction at some stage in their life. Whether you’re male, female, a past young offender, over 50 or ex-military then we have employers to suit. There are many great examples of people who have gone on to make a success of their lives despite a past conviction. If you let your past define you, then it will. A past conviction should never stop you making a success of your life. If that was the case, then you effectively are serving something we call a  ‘hidden second sentence.’ We believe anyone who wants to work has the right to do so, and our team of employment mentors are here to help you through all stages. From assessment of needs, any education, up-skilling and training needed, along with updated certificates that may be required, interview techniques and finally selecting the right employer.

If you have a desire to work, let’s meet up and move forwards together, leaving your past behind.


Clean Slate Solutions’ mentoring programme is designed to keep your employees on track and assist with any help outside of work, giving you as an employer peace of mind. Whether it be debt advice,  housing issues, recovery groups, setting in place a personal fitness programme, or family issues, our experienced employment mentors are here to help.  

We have established relationships with all agencies who assist in areas of resettlement, addiction support, and housing etc, with reducing re-offending through employment as our collaborative aim. We tailor each individuals’ mentoring programme dependant on their needs. Sometimes , knowing somebody impartial is there for you that’s on your side can have powerful and positive impact. Usually, we set up a meeting for coffee in or out of core work hours, every 2-4 weeks depending on the individual. The same mentor is available for the employer to enable them to deal with any questions or advice efficiently and effectively.  

Social Impact

The impact of past offenders finding meaningful and sustainable employment to the community can only be positive.  Everybody really does benefit. 

Finding employment is a key component to keeping on the straight path; a factor confirmed by Government statistics and some by similar successful agencies we partner with in other regions, such as Offploy and Tempus Novo to name a couple.  

Employment enables the individual to fill their time constructively and become economically independent. Being in paid employment enhances the individuals’ self-esteem and helps them to build a renewed and positive sense of self, which helps to protect against a return to crime.  

The status of being an employed person acts as an important symbol to the individual of their ability to return to a conventional life.

We look to clarify the social impact linked to our service, and the consequent economic impact. This is to be measured and reported on with the help of a new partnership with Teesside University, whose Criminology Department are now assisting and supporting on some aspects of our programme and how to measure the success of Clean Slate Solutions’ work. Details of our success as an overall organisation are available on request.


Q – Are there any types of convictions Clean Slate Solutions doesn’t work with? 

A – Yes, we work with mainly low level previous convictions although we do asses on a case by case basis. We DO NOT work with anyone who is a registered sex offender. 

Q – Can you assist and advise us with our DBS checks on new and current staff and other areas in and around HR convictions? 

A – Yes, we work closely with a service provider and specialist in advising employers around the area of disclosure, checks and law around the hiring of people with past convictions. Please ask us for more information and how this works.  

Q – How is CSS structured/set up as an organisation? 

A – We are a social enterprise based within established not for profit Tees Valley Community Projects (TVCP). We work alongside our training provider, Academy 3-13 whose focus is education, training and up-skilling. Academy 3-13 have worked with over 650 people since 2016, moving over 50% into further education or employment, many of whom had past convictions. As we are currently a funded project, this enables us to offer our service for free.  

Q – What is your criteria before advocating to employers? 

A – There are certain past convictions we don’t work with as mentioned above, also all candidates must have a fixed abode and no ongoing addiction issues. We can help with these 2 areas on the understanding that once they are in check, we will only then consider for employment.  


Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead.

Philippians 3:13

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