Clean Slate Fitness

This project provides the opportunity for our participants to improve their health and fitness levels by engaging in exercise and learning about nutrition and healthy eating.

Participants are often introduced to fitness as part of rehabilitation in prison.  To maintain fitness motivation post-release, we recognise our participants need access to a gym, personal training advice with instructions for basic nutrition and healthy eating.  Our health and fitness mentors play a key role in supporting, advising and motivating participants to continue the momentum of self-improvement and self-care.  We bridge the gap until participants receive income from meaningful employment and can start to pay for their own fitness needs.

To help our participants increase their exercise levels every referral is offered access to our group and individual training sessions run by Physical Training Instructor Level 3 staff.  They have the chance to use a local gym and /or personal trainers to exercise and use their time differently, maintaining their mental health and physical wellbeing through endorphin boosting exercise. 

We have local partnerships with gyms and our own Personal Training program in the above areas through the local council authorities.