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Your support transforms lives

Working with us helps make a real difference to the lives of local people, and provides excellent PR and networking opportunities.

Corporate Partnerships provide essential financial aid which lets us support more people and helps your organisation achieve its social value responsibilities.

Financial donations, gifts in kind and employee fundraising all help us keep on providing our support to people who really need it.

“We’re absolutely thrilled to be working alongside Clean Slate Solutions and supporting the incredible work that they do. As a firm that is passionate about Teesside and our local community, it gives us great pleasure to be supporting a charity which has already had such a positive impact in our local area in the short period of time since it was founded.”
Jessica Lenham
Endeavour Partnership
“Clean Slate Solutions help make a meaningful and long-lasting difference to the lives of many local people and their focus closely matches our priorities of improving employability and creating opportunity in our region. We’re proud to have supported them several times over the last few years through our small grants programme at the Community Foundation.”
Donna Stubbs
Community Manager
Newcastle Building Society
“We are thrilled to be a corporate partner for CSS - massively impactful and heart driven work in our communities on the ground where it matters”
Hugh Welch
Senior Partner
Muckle Group LLP
“CSS ignite passion and purpose into everything that they do, and it is an absolute pleasure to work alongside an organisation that offers individuals such amazing support, when they need it the most.”
Lauren Robbins
Early Careers & Disadvantaged Groups Partner

How your support makes an impact

Reduce Reoffending

Ex-offenders who find employment after their sentence are significantly less likely to reoffend.

With the UK facing a prison capacity crisis, the need for effective reintegration has never been more important.

Benefit the Economy

It costs roughly £48,000 per year to keep an individual incarcerated.

Providing ex-offenders support to find employment gets them working sooner, reducing benefit costs and allowing them to contribute through taxes and NI contributions.

Transform Lives

Every job opportunity given to an ex-offender is a chance at a fresh start.

Employment offers stability, self-worth, and a sense of purpose. By supporting these individuals, we not only uplift them but also strengthen our communities.

Our Corporate Partners

Meet the organisations who help us transform lives

Why partner with us?

In our mission to support ex-offenders into employment, corporate partnerships play a pivotal role. By working with us, you are taking the first step on a journey of collaborative growth, profound social impact, and mutual empowerment.

Read more about the specific benefits by exploring the sections below.

Working Together for a Common Goal: Our core belief is in forging long-term and mutually rewarding relationships with our corporate partners. Together, we can combine expertise to optimise the partnership experience.

  • Making a Difference: As we experience rapid growth with increasing numbers of employers and job seekers, your partnership not only accelerates our scaling efforts but brings invaluable strategic value beyond mere funding.

  • Flexible Support: While direct recruitment from our pool is optional, your financial contribution can be pivotal in our journey towards change.

Creating Lasting Change in the Community: By aligning with us, you’ll be contributing meaningfully to regional progress and community development.

  • Transparency in Impact: We pledge complete transparency, offering a detailed Social Value report, based on the Government’s TOMs framework calculator, which pinpoints the tangible impact of your support.

  • CSR and ESG Contribution: Your involvement enhances your Corporate Social Responsibility, Environmental, Social, and Governance metrics, simultaneously promoting diversity and inclusion.

  • Stories of Transformation: Keep abreast with heart-warming stories and video case studies. These narratives can be shared across your organization, illustrating the tangible change achieved through our collaboration.

Resourceful Partnership for Mutual Growth: Through our collaboration, we provide tools, insights, and experiences that not only benefit the individuals we serve but also enrich your organization.

  • Visibility and Recognition: Capitalize on PR announcements through our platforms – a genuine marketing opportunity that mirrors your dedication to positive change.

  • Engage and Educate: Access our roster of inspirational speakers for your diversity and inclusion events, delivering powerful messages of hope and transformation.

  • Informed HR Decision Making: Benefit from training sessions by CSS, designed to guide HR policies, particularly around hiring those with convictions.

  • Direct Encounters with Success: Connect with individuals whose lives have taken a turn for the better through our partnership, offering you a firsthand understanding of the transformative journey.

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