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Improving our society, one person at a time

Since 2019, Clean Slate Solutions has been a beacon of hope, integrating individuals with past convictions into the workforce in Tees Valley and North Yorkshire.

Serving the Tees Valley and North Yorkshire, our candidates are meticulously vetted , ready, and eager to positively impact society. We delve into their stories, address challenges, and connect them with supportive employers.

By partnering with us, you're granting transformative opportunities and fortifying community safety.

Success Through Employer Partnerships

Discover how we collaborate with employers to change lives.

Fresh Talent Pool

Dive into a unique reservoir of individuals eager to make their mark.

Witness first-hand their transformative journey of overcoming challenges.

Meticulous Matchmaking

Our selection is key.

Through dedicated mentorship, we understand each candidate’s background, ensuring harmonious matches with employers.

From disclosure to interviews, we’ve got it covered.

Beyond Placement

Our support doesn’t end at placement.

For up to 6 months, we stand beside both candidates and employers, ensuring thriving and lasting partnerships.

“We support the region in many ways and this initiative to give opportunities to the right calibre of ex-offenders - via this specific route - is crucial to our community, and our company ethos. We are fully invested in social values and responsibilities, and are fully behind the work Clean Slate Solutions are doing in our region.”
Mike Carlin
Map Group
"Interviewed 4 great candidates in one day- supported by Clean Slate Solutions. You are doing great work thank you for what you're doing. Iceland Foods are proud to partner with you."
Paul Cowley MBE
Director of Rehabilitation
Iceland Foods
As a Yorkshire-based family business we believe in the traditional values that everyone deserves a second chance in life.
That is why we at the Reed Boardall Group Limited love working with charities such as Clean Slate Solutions to be able to help people restart their lives when they need it most. We are so pleased to have Michael our latest recruit on board as part of the Reed Boardall family and he is such a joy to work with as we look to a brighter future together.
If anyone out there feels that they need help in any industry or other organisations can help out to give someone a "second chance", especially in the Yorkshire/North East area don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Daniel Delacoe-Eyre
Human Resources Manager
Reed Boardall Group Limited
"The Marshall Robertson Group Ltd look to give back to the community where they are based. I came across Clean Slate Solutions and found this a perfect charity for us as we could use our time and expertise to help those who had, for a variety of reasons, experienced situations which are difficult to resolve without help. We are so proud to offer ourselves as mentors and have been genuinely astounded at the results in others, that a little bit of kindness, direction, structure and purpose can achieve. Building on catering skills and learning new skills can turn people’s futures around. I would recommend working with Clean Slate Solutions. It isn’t always easy! … but it is unbelievably rewarding!"
Sally Marshall
The MRG Group Ltd
“The brilliant work being undertaken by all those at Clean Slate Solutions matches our business ethos perfectly. We have always believed in second chances and some of the candidates have gone on to form brilliant careers for themselves and their families. It’s great to see their lives changing in front of you. Keep doing what you are doing Clean Slate Solutions. Brilliant work!”
John Dixon Snr
Groundworks Direct Ltd
"Feeling very proud of Marston's for being able to offer employment to J and help him get his life back on track. Joe at Clean Slate Solutions was patient for me to get back to him about how we can work together and I'm so glad we managed to catch up, get J booked in and for him to absolutely nail his interview resulting in being offered a job there and then."
Todd Lockley
Talent Acquisition Partner
Marston's PLC
“CSS ignite passion and purpose into everything that they do, and it is an absolute pleasure to work alongside an organisation that offers individuals such amazing support, when they need it the most.”
Lauren Robbin
Early Careers & Disadvantaged Groups Partner

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The Candidate's Journey to Employment

Eligibility Check

Every candidate must satisfy our key criteria, including stable housing, a genuine commitment to work, being free from substance misuse and no status as a registered sex offender.

Preparation & Support

We engage with eligible candidates to identify and address any potential barriers to employment.
This phase encompasses mentoring, understanding their journey, and offering tailored support.

Placement Selection

Only after comprehensive internal assessments, when a candidate is fully prepared, do we seek the perfect employment placement, aligned with their unique strengths and background.

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1 in 4 people

would be comfortable buying from a business that employs ex-offenders

1 %

of employers of ex-offenders rate them as good at their job

Only 1 %

of ex-offenders manage to get a job within a year of release

1 %

Ex-offenders who get a job after prison are up to 9% less likely to reoffend

1 %

of people think that businesses employing ex-offenders are making a positive contribution to society

1 %

of employers say diverse recruitment has enhanced their reputation, helping them win new contracts

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