The Map Group


Mike Carlin – Founder and CEO


“We have had a steady flow of good quality new employees referred from Clean Slate Solutions since we agreed to partner with them last year, we support the region in many ways and this initiative to give opportunities to the right calibre of ex-offenders via this specific route is crucial to our community and our company ethos”

“We are fully invested on social values and responsibilities and trust the work Clean Slate Solutions do prior to the referral to ensure we are working with those settled and ready for employment”



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Great comebacks are prepared in the shadows

The Marshall Robertson Group Ltd.


Sally Marshall – Director

“My belief is that, where possible, businesses should do good and look to give back to the community where they are based. I came across Clean Slate Solutions and found this a perfect charity for us as we could use our time and expertise to help those who had, for a variety of reasons, experienced situations which are difficult to resolve without help.

We are so proud to offer ourselves as mentors and have been genuinely astounded at the results in others, that a little bit of kindness, direction, structure and purpose can achieve. Building on catering skills and learning new skills can turn people’s futures around. I would recommend working with Clean Slate Solutions. It isn’t always easy! …
… but it is unbelievably rewarding! “


Tha Marshall Robertson Group