What We Do

Clean Slate Solutions is an employment support agency specifically working with people who have past convictions to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

We cover the Tees Valley & the Hambleton region of North Yorkshire and oversee everything from the initial screening and risk assessment process, to then providing any training and education that may help to gain the ideal job, and finally a 6-month mentoring programme.

Very often people with past convictions are stigmatised and easily overlooked; this is particularly true in the job market. It is well acknowledged that employment is the most effective way to reduce any potential re-offending, therefore the knock on effect to our region is extremely positive.
Our initial referral process has a certain criteria. Once we feel our candidate is ready we will then advocate to our network of socially invested employers. We do work with released prisoners, although many of our candidates may never have even been to prison but have convictions that led to fines and/or community orders. Our team work closely with referral partners, these include the Probation Service, Community Rehabilitation Companies, and some of the regions’ prisons along with all local Job Centres. Once referred and our criteria is met, we then go through an initial risk assessment to make sure any potential barriers to employment are well removed.

We work closely with our network of employers. Many employees with past convictions turn out to be the most grateful, loyal, and hardworking of staff.

Partnering with us as an employer and using our service can also help your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as helping to transform the life prospects of our supported individuals. This is an innovative way to attract new talent. We aim to give those with a past conviction a clear pathway to breaking cycles and leaving the past behind.