Young Adults

Great comebacks are prepared in the shadows

Our specific approach with Young adults is underpinned by specialist mentors working with those aged between 18-24 in the community, or pre and post release from local prisons such as Wetherby / Deerbolt and Kirklevington.  Our young adults are those released into North Yorkshire, Teesside and County Durham.  

We help them to resettle into society after release and move toward independent living.  We reconcile families, bring order into chaotic lives and deal with the fallout from what have often been challenging upbringings. 

Our mentors focus on different issues to meet the needs of our young people, such as basic Maths and English skills, communication and relationships.  We ensure access to the relevant support  agencies for housing support, debt advice and managing finances etc.  We offer the same suite of training programmes (including CV preparation and interview skills) and one to one support to facilitate progress into meaningful, sustainable employment.  

When successfully placed into employed positions our mentors offer extra levels of support for 6-12 months to ensure our young people have the best chance of staying in employment by dealing with any issues before they become problems.